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Keys to Successful Business and Life

Note From the Authors

Over the years, we have studied successful money managers and business leaders, trying to learn their secrets. Their fields vary from engineers to clothes-washers, from investors to musicians and artists; but all showed unusual success. Whether your goal is to make millions or just to make ends meet, we can profit from their wisdom. 

As parents, we print a "key" each week and post it on our refrigerator, where our older teens read them while filling up their glasses with water. We call it our "Refrigerator University." Teachers may use them as a handout, an overhead, or Power Point.  Let us know any of your ideas, including if you wish for us to continue expanding this series. We can be contacted at smillero@mindspring.com


Steve and Cheryl Miller

Success Key #1: Learn from Successful People

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. (Isaac Newton, hero to Einstein)

Professor Thomas J. Stanley studied over 700 multi-millionaires, super-successes at both business and accumulating wealth, asking them what factors were most important to their success. I listed only those items deemed important by over 50% of them. What a goldmine of advice! Reflecting on these helps me to see where to put my greatest efforts in getting ahead in life. Here's how they responded:


Being well disciplined 95%
Getting along with people 94%
Being honest with all people 90%
Working harder than most people 88%
Loving my career/business 86%
Being very well organized 85%
Having strong leadership qualities 84%
Having an ability to sell my ideas/products 82%
Having a supportive spouse 81%
Having a very competitive spirit/personality 81%
Making wise investments 76%
Willing to take financial risk given the right return 74%
Having good mentors 73%
Seeing opportunities others do not see 72%
Having extraordinary energy 71%
Having an urge to be well respected 69%
Finding a profitable niche 69%
Having a high IQ/superior intellect 67% (only 20% of these said "very important") 
Being my own boss 65%
Being physically fit 65%
Investing in my own business 54%
Specializing 53%
Ignoring the criticism of detractors 51%

Today's Tips:

End Notes

1) Survey from Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., The Millionaire Mind, p. 34.