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For Overhead/Powerpoint

Hang in There!
(Endurance: A Secret to Success)

I. Learn From Lifeís Hard Knocks.

II. Bounce Back From Your Failures


____ Politician: Ran for political office seven times and was defeated each time.

____ Cartoonist: All he wanted to do was to sketch cartoons. He applied with a Kansas City newspaper. The editor said, "Itís easy to see from these sketches that you have no talent." No studio would give him a job. He ended up doing publicity work for a church in an old, dilapidated garage.

____ Writer: His first childrenís book was rejected by 23 publishers.

____ Inventor: In the first year of marketing his new soft drink, he sold only 400 bottles.

____ Actor: He went to Hollywood as an 18 year old, and after a couple of parts was unemployed for two years. As he ran out of money, he sold off his sectional couch, one section at a time, and lived on macaroni. He had no phone. His office was a phone booth at Pioneer Chicken.

____ Athlete: As a baseball player, he struck out more than any player in the history of baseball: 1,330 times.

____ Politician: Flunked the sixth grade. As a sixteen-year-old in Paris, a teacher had written on his report card, "Shows a conspicuous lack of success." He wished to become a military leader, or a great statesman. As a student, he failed three times in his exams to enter the British Military Academy.

____ Athlete: As a high school student, he felt so unpopular with the girls that he thought he might never be able to find a wife. That's why he took a cooking class. He thought he might never have anyone to cook for him. 


1) Donít be discouraged by your failures. Remember, the road to success is paved with failures.

2) In order to succeed in life, youíve got to endure.

"Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up." (Winston Churchill)

Action Points